Monday, February 05, 2007

Be the Next American Idol With Karaoke You Can Carry

If you cannot get enough karaoke at the local sushi house, the engineers at Griffin Technology have created a low-cost karaoke system you can carry anywhere.
The iKaraoke is a microphone that plugs into any iPod with a dock connector and processes any music that you own. Its software mutes the vocals so you can be Bono’s fill-in. The playback can travel by cable to a headset or amplifier, or it can be broadcast wirelessly to an FM receiver up to 20 feet away.

The muting is not perfect You will still hear the lead singer at least faintly in the background, and, unpredictably, it works better with some songs than others. The microphone has three reverb settings to enhance your voice and help you compare more favorably with the vocalist you are replacing.

The iKaraoke is $50 and is available now at RadioShack and Apple stores. Now when you get the urge to sing “Behind Closed Doors,” it can stay behind closed doors.

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